Life in Istanbul

Cancelling Your Turkcell Superonline Subscription

Moving country and need to cancel your subscription? Whatever the reason is, here is the step-by-step way to cancel. It took us lots of calling around using broken Turkish to find the exact procedure, so here it is for you. 🙂 Call them and tell them you want to cancel your subscription. I have found… Continue reading Cancelling Your Turkcell Superonline Subscription

Study in Turkey

Quraan Centres in Turkey

(Updated 8.10.20) Allah (Azza wa Jall) said about Quran: “This is the Book (the Quran), whereof there is no doubt, guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqoon [the pious].” (Quran, 2:2)  RasulAllah (ﷺ)“Read the Quran, for verily it will come on the Day of Standing as an intercessor for its companions.” (Muslim) There are so many reasons to study… Continue reading Quraan Centres in Turkey

Life in Istanbul

Visa, Residency and Citizenship in Turkey

Change begins at the end of our comfort zone - such a cliché quote yet seriously taking the first step to move anywhere you call 'home' can be daunting and even nerve-wrecking! Thoughts start running through your mind, from income, cost of living, friends, social circle, residency, studies... YOUR mind literally can run around in… Continue reading Visa, Residency and Citizenship in Turkey

Life in Istanbul

Transportation in Istanbul

(Updated 28.08.20) Buses, trains, ferries, tramways and cable cars - you've got it all! Istanbul is a busy, busy, busy city with heavy traffic during peak times in certain areas. Alhamdulilah, thankfully Istanbul has a well-organised transportation system to cater for the 15 million residents and of course tourists. First things first - you would… Continue reading Transportation in Istanbul