Study in Turkey

Learn Turkish in Istanbul

Türkçe konuşabilir misin? OR ‘Can you speak Turkish?’ is a sentence you may hear often, and if you try saying – evet or yok – you most likely will be greeted with happy, interested and inquisitive faces, eager to know about YOU! Simple Turkish words, mixed with either Arabic or English are welcomed so please… Continue reading Learn Turkish in Istanbul

Study in Turkey

Study Arabic and Islam in Istanbul

Over the last 10 years, the influx of Arab scholars in Istanbul has caused both Turks and Yabancılar – pronounced Yah Ban Ji Lar (Foreigners – a word you will hear quite a lot in Turkey!) great awareness of the deen and people have become much more open-minded and people have a genuine interest for… Continue reading Study Arabic and Islam in Istanbul

Housing in Qatar

Renting a place in Qatar

So you know the type of place you want, but you don't know where or how to search? In Qatar, you actually have a variety of ways in which you can search for an apartment. First and foremost, check the websites below:‎ House Hunting in Qatar On the above websites, you may find more… Continue reading Renting a place in Qatar